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Poison (Tales from the Kingdoms, #1), Charm (Tales from the Kingdoms, #2), Beauty (Tales from the Kingdoms, #3), and Tales from the Kingdoms (Tales from..​.
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Just inform us who you are so that we will know. Once again, the more aggressive all-war-all-the-time server stormed ahead in the initial raiding phase. Meanwhile, in their desire for easy kills, K2 left their great cities open. Once these ran out, four hours into the KvK, K6 began close an ugly million point gap. With only a handful of K2 great cities retaken, it was fairly easy for FoF and the coalition to take turns pushing the K2 alliances out of every city except the whale-fortified KL.

By the time K2 adjusted, K6 had a commanding position and it was too late. Thanks for the detailed recap. And this is coming from someone who has since transferred to a different kingdom.

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They held many castles during KvK and their skills were invaluable during that time. Fighting words, I say.

ISBN 13: 9781473202337

But it appears that it is not Eclipse creating trouble in your kingdom. Then again, this is all in hindsight now as no one predicted whatever is happening currently on K8 to actually occur. We are keeping abreast on developments regarding K8, and we would be releasing a followup story soon.

Looking into our files, we were not able to compile anything on the match between K41 and K Maybe you can help us in that regard and provide us details. All we know is that your kingdom won. The best that we can give you now is a belated congratulations coming from us.

You can send battle reports, running scores, and what-not by leaving a comment below, sending us a raven message , contacting us at TRETips on Discord, or emailing us at gotwicraven theravenexpress. You can also like our Facebook page , as well as join our Facebook group , and reach us there.

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Finally, you can also become our Patron and be included in our Hall of Names as well as gain access to the exclusive The Raven Express Discord server. K7 is better because we all left it! The alliances in the Revolt either left before the KVK or immediately after. I will send you PM with more details on Discord soon, same name as this username!

Hold on to your head for this funny and fast-paced second Tale from the Five Kingdoms, a follow-up to The Robe of Skulls. Now that her horrible spell has shrunk the good witches of Wadington to the size of, well, rats, can anything stop her? Will the strengths, smarts, and charms of a spunky trueheart, a sweet-natured orphan, a scruffy prince, a substantial troll, and two squabbling bats be enough to foil her insidious plot? The Robe of Skulls. Everyone gets his, her, or its due; goodness is rewarded; and evil punished oh-so-wickedly. The sorceress Lady Lamorna wants a skull-studded gown of deep black velvet, but her treasure chest is empty of gold.

Will her plans be foiled by the heroic Gracie Gillypot, two chatty bats, a gallant if scruffy prince, the wickedest stepsister ever, a troll with a grudge, and some very ancient crones? Share: Share on Facebook.

ISBN 13: 9781473202337

About Ross Collins. More about Ross Collins. About Vivian French. The new arrivals from The Cartel proved to be an instant help, especially with early castle occupation on the enemy server, despite not beeing complete right after a very short time transfer.

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Yet k16 was no joke, and neither were our previous opponents. Apparently k19 is to small to be paired with the biggest guns, yet to big for all the other kingdoms. We thank you for the effort you put in helping us chronicle your match. Kudos to your kingdom for staying unbeaten. K19 is legit, you guys.

Saying this, maybe it is time for a disruptor to crash the party.

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Any takers? This concludes our first batch of raven messages. You can also send them through email at gotwicraven theravenexpress. Remember to follow us on Facebook and to become our Patron.

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Let us know what you think:. Here we are: the first batch of War of the Kingdoms-related mail. Bloodborn This is just a personal philosophy I have imbibed concerning War of the Kingdom matchups, and I has been telling this to some who have been frustrated on how pairings are determined: play with the cards you are dealt with. Worldchats become more enjoyable with cats, even when you are in the middle of KvK.

Adora Definitely. The best way to defuse a tense situation. Tales from the Rookery non-War of the Kingdoms edition October 13, Tales from the Rookery War of the Kingdoms edition part two October 14,